IsoTwist™ 4 Stage

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Platinum Seal Certified 4-Stage RO with proprietary twist-off filters

The Vertex IsoTwist is our most advanced undersink Reverse Osmosis filter system optimized to treat city water using the existing water pressure. This model makes up to 50 gallons a day of great tasting water while taking up less space than most other 4 and 5-stage models. The higher production capacity serves larger homes and offices. The easy twist-off disposable filter cartridges and RO membrane assembly are designed to make installation and replacement quick, easy and sanitary. These sturdy and reliable US made systems are IAPMO Platinum Seal certified to significantly reduce 13 contaminants to NSF/ANSI 58 (see list below).

Choose the 5-stage system to ensure water quality, membrane performance and filter life, when the incoming water contains a high amount of sediment as in some well water systems. An extra pre-filter stage is added before the membrane. The 5-stage model can also be used to extend time between filter changes.

The IsoTwist comes complete and ready to install, with quick connect fittings, 3/8″ tank to faucet tubing, dispensing faucet and instruction manual.


• Proprietary twist-off filter cartridges
• Hi capacity 50 GPD TFC RO membrane assembly for easy replacement
• Quick connect O-ring seal fittings
• Compact size takes less space than most 4 and 5-stage systems
• Auto shutoff valve
• Flow restrictor – modified capillary
• Long reach, non-airgap chrome faucet included
• 4.0 gallon metal tank (not shown in photo)
• Feed water connector-1/2 inch threaded inlet adapter with metal ballvalve
• Drain connection included
• 1/4 Inch John Guest polyethylene tubing