Hot and Cold Filtered Industrial Freestanding Water Dispenser Cooler POU, Black, Brio Premiere

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  • This innovative point-of-use water dispenser meets all our consumers’ water needs. It connects directly to an existing water source to offer purified hot and cold water on demand. 
  • This dispenser is equipped with a child safety lock, so the entire family can use it without worrying about spills or injuries such as burns.
  • Its 100 percent, stainless steel cold and hot reservoirs protect water purity, cooler longevity and taste of water. It is also free of lead-containing brass parts, as the health of consumers is our top priorities.
  • Dispenser features a high dispense area, so consumers can easily fill different size water bottles. It also features a removable drip tray, making for a convenient clean.
  • The dispenser's exterior is designed to provide a splash-resistant surface, and it features a stream regulator, making for a spill free environment.