SALTFREEMAX™ Water Conditioner

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Prevent scale. Protect Mother Earth.

The SaltfreeMAX Water Conditioner provides whole-house prevention of scale buildup and stops hard water scale from forming without salt, electricity or wasted water. It also protects your plumbing and household appliances from problematic scale build-up for a longer life span. Lessen the buildup and lessen your impact. For more information on SaltfreeMAX,

Eliminating scale just got easier and more environmentally friendly.

Prevents Hard Water Scaling

Reduce scale buildup by up to 95% (when compared to no treatment at all). Protect the life of your water appliances, including ice makers, dishwashers, coffee makers and more, by preventing hard water scale buildup.

Removes Existing Scale Buildup

If scaling has already formed in pipes or water appliances, the SaltfreeMAX will also help de-scale existing buildup, improving the water flowing through your home and prolonging the lifespan of appliances.

No Slippery Feel

The advanced technology of the SaltfreeMAX does not leave behind the slippery feeling on skin that often occurs with a typical water softener.

Extremely Environmentally Friendly

The SaltfreeMAX uses no electricity, no chemical additives and wastes no water. Our simple, straightforward system operates with an absolute minimal environmental footprint.

Cost Effective

With no ongoing salt or additives to purchase, the SaltfreeMAX provides total scale protection 24/7.

Virtually Maintenance Free

With no electronics, no moving parts and no salt to replace, the SaltfreeMAX operates efficiently and accurately day after day with virtually nothing to worry about.