SoftMAX Pro™ Water Softener

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Those who have upgraded will tell you, life is just better with soft water. Cleaner laundry, cleaner bathrooms and a cleaner life. You won’t know how you lived before the SoftMAX Pro™!

Improve your life with softer water. SoftMAX Pro™ maximizes the incredible benefits of soft water, including spot-free dishes, cleaner laundry, softer skin, better-performing water fixtures and longer-lasting appliances. All from one simple addition to your home!

Remove Harsh Calcium

Hard water — full of calcium and other rocky minerals — pummels your appliances and fixtures with every use. Worse yet, the minerals aggregate over time and congest your plumbing and appliances like clogged arteries. It’s time that you fix the problem at the source: your water. With the SoftMAX Pro, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your investment will protect your appliances and plumbing for the long term.

Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning your home with hard water is a pain. It makes you use more soap to get something clean. It leaves spots and streaks. And you have to spend more of your time than you’d like, without ever reaching that sparkling clean you see in commercials. The problem is your water. Hard water makes cleaning impossible. It’s time you upgraded to the SoftMAX Pro, which will make cleaning and polishing a breeze.  


Innovative AquaHelix™ Technology

The SoftMAX Pro™ system uses AquaHelix technology coupled with the Triton water softening smart valve, the world’s most innovative and efficient universal distribution system for water treatment systems. The innovative AquaHelix system takes efficiency to the next level. Because the SoftMAX Pro™ only regenerates when necessary, it achieves greater energy, water and salt efficiency than industry standard softeners — up to 40% more efficient — which means you can enjoy the benefits of soft water comfortably. You’ll be reducing your impact on the Earth as your water usage decreases.


The SoftMAX Pro™ can improve your hot water heater efficiency by up to 30% — think about the annual savings! Plus, the softer water allows you to cut down on soap and cleaning product use by as much as 50% and protect the life of your appliances that use water.* *Batelle Study

Made in America

When you purchase a WaterTech SoftMAX Pro, you’re supporting the American economy. Our products are hand-built by our own craftsmen in our Texas factory using the very best components and techniques in the industry.

Exceptional Water, Exceptional Service

After decades of improving America’s water, we know that there’s more to it than just making an excellent product. You also need a trusted local expert who you can rely on. We only work with licensed home service professionals who are committed to our shared values of integrity, transparency and old-fashioned American hard work. We only work with the best. In fact, we carefully vet and train all of our WaterTech dealers and their staff to ensure that you will have the peace of mind from a job done right.