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Renew Shower Filter

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Filters and improves your water, giving you the invigorating shower you deserve.

The Renew is the reincarnation of one of our oldest bodies. This filter body has been tried and true for over 25 years. The  major difference from then to now is the media. We now include a sediment filter and virgin crystal Quartz along with 14.5 ounces of KDF-55. That makes for a great 3-stage system that will give you chlorine-free showers for thousands of gallons.


  • Converts Chlorine into a harmless soluble chloride.
  • Crystalline quartz for energy enhanced shower "feel" and better lathering.
  • Works wonderfully with hand-held shower kits.
  • Polyester filter element enhances cartridge performance through sediment removal.
  • Installs in minutes - no special tools or professional help required.

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