WOW undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System w/ Leak Detector/Shut-off

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WOW RO 50 System w/ Leak Detector/Shut-off

With its unique technology, flexible design and compact size the WOW reverse osmosis system allows for both under-the-counter installation or counter top installation – so both renters and home owners can enjoy clean, pure RO water at their fingertips.  The system is also easily installed in RV’s, boats and ice makers.  It can also operate at low water pressure – this has worldwide benefits.

Game Changing Technology

With game-changing technology, the WOW RO™ water system makes water with zero back-pressure against the membrane during production, producing a high quality water.  As added bonuses, the multi-patented WOW RO™ system delivers at a constant flow rate – and uses less water down the drain compared to a typical air-charged reverse osmosis system.

Benefits of WOW RO™ Water-on-Water™

The WOW RO™ Water-on-Water™ reverse osmosis system, with its unique patented/patent-pending technology, sleek design and compact size is an extremely efficient and hassle-free POU (point of use) RO system on the market today.  It is also made entirely in the USA.  It's proprietary system, protected by multiple patents pending and issued, implements WOW RO™ Water-on-Water™ reverse osmosis technology which allows us to operate the RO membrane with ‘zero back pressure’ the way it was originally tested.  Here is what makes the WOW RO™ system the perfect solution for homes, offices, RV’s, boats, food service and more:

  • Versatility – The only POU (point of use) RO system in the world designed ready to use right out of the box on your counter top or easily installed under-the-counter.
  • Peak efficiency – WOW RO™ systems operate with zero back pressure on the membrane.  This is the same condition that the membrane manufacturers tested and rated their membrane for quality and quantity.  Compared to air captive systems which have an ever increasing back pressure, resulting in poorer quality produced and greater waste ratios,  in many cases, using more water needlessly wasted down the drain.
  • Constant dispensing flow rate – Air-captive RO systems suffer from diminishing flow rates caused by a depressurization as the reservoir is depleted.  This may cause multiple problems for added appliances, i.e. ice makers, coffee makers, etc.
  • More compact than traditional air-captive systems because the large volume of air in the tank is no longer necessary, reducing the space required for installations.
  • Safe, convenient, sanitary quick-change filters which offers consumer-friendly maintenance.  WOW RO™ cartridges are 100% recyclable.
  • Fast-forward flushing membrane – As water is dispensing into your glass, an equal volume of water rushes across the front surface of the membrane, scrubbing the membrane clean.  When the customer stops dispensing water, the Wow RO™ CPU valve shifts into water make up, slowing down the flow across the membrane to a normal concentrate flow.  This two speed action extends the life of the membrane and allows the system to operate with a 1 to 1 ratio, for an approximate waste ratio of 2 to 1, or 27.5%-33% efficiency.  With this minimal flow rate, along with the enhanced zero back pressure performance, the WOW RO™ system can function and operate with our two-stage pre-filter.  (Efficiency rates will vary based on water conditions).

WOW RO™ CPU Valve – A Better Solution

  • The patent-pending WOW RO™ CPU Valve operates with astonishing efficiency, reducing water waste by a substantial amount compared to traditional ‘air-on-water’ devices that must force water into the storage tank against increasing back-pressure against the membrane.
  • The WOW RO™ Water system is compact – taking up less space than conventional under sink units.
  • The WOW RO™ patented/patent-pending “zero back pressure” RO design provides maximum purity and production under a wide range of water conditions, such as higher feed water TDS, and lower operating pressures (as low as 20 PSI – performs on low pressure water supplies, eliminating the need for add-on pumps and service calls).
  • The WOW RO™ system is manufactured using all high-tech injection molded plastic – nothing to rust or corrode.

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